WE ARE ON VACATION! We are sailing away with 28 family members for a week! #TeamKaleb took his first flight to Miami & Now #BabyBunsOnBoard the Carnival Ship. We will be flooding your time line with the most adorable pictures from PR, VI, DR & GT.

There’s so much to share! This vacation and time with our family was a great way to refill our mind with the positive energy needed. It started a little rough with some of our medical equipment lost and I could’ve easily given up. But we didn’t let that discourage us. We ignored the hundreds of stares and welcomed the awkward questions about #TeamKaleb. It gave us an opportunity to share the story of our miracle and greatness of God. Baby Buns had so much fun seeing and exploring new things. I don’t think he took a nap one day while on vaca! #Keelynology was the life of the party (& broke curfew every night) We are home safely and so thankful for this time away. We enjoyed every moment to the fullest, making memories. #13ozofFaith #BabyBunsOnBoard

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